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2Shot The Show:

Grace and Angelica are in the prime of their life, and on the loose in New York City chasing their dreams!

Unfocused, delusional actresses turned playwrights, Grace Rinaldi and Angelica Rao channel the energy of their favorite playwright, David Mamet, hoping to create a vehicle to stardom. Act 1, Scene 1 is as far as the hopeful stars get before the characters they create, Dianna and Suzanna, come to life, rebel against their creators, and chart a course of their own!

Grace and Angelica are determined to finish their play in spite of their rebellious creations but they don’t always agree on how to do it — limitless distractions, derailing encounters, zany predicaments and schemes, and the meddling of Dianna and Suzanna sabotage them at every turn.

Our determined donnas however, will not be deterred. A glass of Prosecco, a bowl of linguini, a little broccoli rabe and just a few cookies and a caffe shakerato during writing sessions is all the fuel they need to propel them to reach their dream!

2Shot is a “21st century new wave” project — An alternative comedy, totally improvised and shot with a Flip Video camera in guerilla style complete with impromptu car chases through the cobblestone streets of Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District. The spur-of-the-moment filming allows for guest star appearances and echoes the do-it-yourself spirit of the show’s stars and creators.

2Shot The Show – Curb Your Enthusiasm Meets Fellini!

The 2Shot Players:

John R. Sansevere:

Creator, Executive Producer, Director/DP

John R. Sansevere works as an independent media developer, executive producer, creative director, and writer of original intellectual properties in all areas of entertainment including digital media, television, film, and books. John’s current original projects include 2Shot-The Show, two animated adult series, Tu Mach! (Too Much!)™ and Soho Noho™ both with animator, Ka Moon Song (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and others), and the children’s animated multi-media franchise, The “Uh-Ohs/Yippees” releasing in 2012.

In 2010 John released his first app, Mercer Mayer’s “Just Me and My Dad” and currently has 10 apps in development and production based on bestselling children’s franchises for release in 2011 and 2012.

John has worked on branded bestselling franchises including Stephen King, Rambo, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter, Richard Scarry, and others developing electronic and digital media, television, film and books. His projects have sold to a long list of clients that include NBC, ABC, CBS, Disney, Revelations Entertainment/Morgan Freeman, Warner Bros., MTV, Harper Collins/Fox, Random House, Barnes & Noble and others.

Diane Dreher:

Plays the roles of Grace Rinaldi and Dianna; Co-Creator, Co-Executive Producer

Diane is an actor, writer and producer. She performs on various New York and regional stages and has appeared in TV commercials and is currently developing a one-woman show. She is the co-writer of the full length play ‘The Italian’s Are Coming…!’ which had its first workshop at The Torn Page Salon in NYC. She has trained and is an active member of HB Studios where she continues to act in the playwrights workshop with an eclectic group of people she adores!

Diane is the co-founder of Itchy Dog Entertainment  a developer of original intellectual properties and directs its digital marketing. She is a book author and has been a literary agent and a marketing executive of entertainment products. Diane believes that if you want something done….just do it!at if you want something done, just do it yourself!o for it…because al

Suzanne Limozinere:

Plays the roles of Angelica Rao and Suzanna, Co-Creator, Co-Executive Producer

Suzanne works as an actor, writer, and independent producer. Suzanne’s first producing credit and feature film credit was ‘Underdogs.’ She has co-written, produced and starred in the short film, ‘Back Pain,’ recently aired on the cable network MNN. Her feature film screenplay ‘Hotel Utopia,” based on an original script that Suzanne co-wrote, is currently being shopped in Hollywood and New York.

Most recently, Suzanne has co-founded ‘SlimLads,’ a multimedia production company with several projects currently in development, including a television comedy series ‘The Sublet’ and a feature film comedy ‘Jungle Yoga.’ Suzanne has a deep appreciation for her training and support from HB Studios. She performs on various New York stages and delights in being the co-writer of the full length play, ‘The Italians Are Coming…!’ first produced at the Torn Page Salon in New York.

Jim Papoulis:

Soundtrack and Musical Director

Jim Papoulis composes, orchestrates, and conducts music from many genres and is known for work that combines contemporary, classical, and world sounds. Over the past fifteen years he has written for and conducted hundreds of live shows worldwide, with artists that include symphonies, chamber ensembles, pop bands, gospel and children’s choirs, specialty groups, and soloists.

His experience spans two decades as Music Director and conductor for live shows at hundreds of events. He has worked with top talents including Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony, London Boys Choir, Beijing Children’s Choir, Faith Hill, Natalie Cole, Snoop Dogg, and Beyonce.



Marketing: Itchy Dog Entertainment, LLC/Digital Marketing

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