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The Balls!

True to their characters’ nature, 2Shot wouldn’t be 2Shot if there weren’t some exciting new venture… Hence, The Balls! — Meatballs, that is!

Being Italian there isn’t much Grace and Angelica agree on… but they both know a good Italian meatball when they taste one! Combining their old Italian family recipes, passed down from their mothers of course, they have come up with the perfect meatball with just the right texture and flavor to make your taste buds dance with delight. 2Shot Meatballs are made with the finest beef, rich Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, fresh parsley, and zesty garlic, adding a subtle kick. And the sauce?… Mama Mia! Delizioso.

An original product developed from the storyline of upcoming episodes of 2Shot The Show, The Meatballs are an exclusive opportunity to get a real flavor for 2Shot and its characters. At the moment the offering is very limited – only 100 memberships are available for the first round of The Meatballs and only to our fans in Manhattan – but we hope the project takes off along with the show and Grace and Angelica are able to introduce the country and beyond to a little taste of real Italian cooking! Learn more about The Meatballs at the 2Shot Tumblr page and arrange for your first batch!


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