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2Shot The Show – The Characters

Grace Rinaldi

Grace is an ambitious, controlling, politically incorrect, intolerant prima donna. It is her time and she is going to make the most of it as an actress/playwright in New York City. Annoyed with the incompetence of people and the world, she knows how to do it better, a curse she can’t help. Uncensored, Grace speaks and does whatever is on her mind. Once known as the marketing maven of Madison Avenue, she can market anything — an egg, a kid, a play… but she will never divulge any of her marketing strategies. All this ‘creative thinking’ drives her to compulsively eat, drink, fight, and steal. She is always trying to lose weight in spite of her secret chocolate addiction and she loves dogs, except those that bother her. Her mantra is, ‘Life is like a Christmas tree, someone is always breaking the balls!’



Angelica Rao

Angelica is a hip, New York City prima donna, yoga buff and a zen soul in the prime of her life. She flaunts her way through the downtown theatre scene as a delusional actress and playwright. A designer clad, sexy exhibitionist, Angelica has been known to make men walk into trees or drive on the sidewalk. Once a footwear couturier, Angelica was famous for ‘heeling’ princes, kings, celebrities, the insanely rich and the infamous. A real pro at walking in six inch heels, even over cobblestone streets, she knows how to get a deal on ‘goods.’ She knows where to see and be seen in NYC, and enjoys the pleasures of life, finding the good and beautiful in all that she can.

Her mantra is, ‘You catch more flies with honey!’





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